• Collection - Softer

  • For those that desire soft touchable hair, softer shampoo gives coarse, grey, or stressed hair, greater manageability and control while making your hair feel silky and smooth. For best results, follow with Softer Conditioner.

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  • Collection - Weightless

  • Designed for the finest. This shampoo cleanses the hair while adding moisture and shine without weight creating a perfect canvas for big blow outs. For best results, follow with Weightless conditioner.

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  • Collection - Brighter

  • Outshine the others! Our everyday, everybody shampoo, cleanses, moisturizes, and brightens the dullest hair, giving it body, bounce and shine. For best results, follow with Brighter Conditioner.

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  • Collection- Curl Control

  • Add Moisture and shine, fight frizz, bundle hair, and enhance curls...this shampoo does it! Traffic stopping curls are only a shower away! For best results, follow with Curl Control Conditioner.

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  • Collection Colour Shine

  • Electrify your colour. This colour extending shampoo will make your hair shine like the sun, while protecting it from fading. Follow with Colour Shine Conditioner for maximum results.

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  • Tonic

  • This ultra lightweight foundation spray nourishes your hair and prepares it for styling. Use it as a detangler before styling, or as a refresher to break down products so that you can’ll love its versatility.

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  • Tonic+

  • All the versatility of ACINA Tonic with a kiss of healing Tea Tree Oil - for those scalps that need a little more TLC. Treat, detangle, and prepare...a winning combination for a happy scalp and great style.

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  • Luscious

  • Drench your hair in moisture. This lightweight foundation adds incredible shine and silkiness to stressed out hair. Layer products over it or use it on its own, this cream is guaranteed to intensify any style. Be Luscious!

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  • Stella

  • Paying homage to our client Stella (meaning star in Italian) who helped us name ACINA, we have created a product that makes your hair shine like the stars. Super shine, natural volume, and soft. Look your best and outshine the rest with Stella!

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  • The Supernatural

  • The Supernatural gives you incredible shine, unbelievable control, volume where you want it, and smoothness where you don’t. You will achieve excellent results on all hair textures. Make some magic with The Supernatural.

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  • Jayded

  • Going a few days without shampooing helps to create a sexy, satiny, lived in look to your hair. Inspired by one of our talented stylists, Jayde, (whose hair gets better the longer she goes between shampoos), this crossover styler gives you that look on day one. Blow dry it in, air dry, or apply after styling and get that sexy, sultry, raw finish with Jayded.

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  • Vero

  • Vero (meaning real in Italian) is essentially our GSO Triactive Complex, which is in all ACINA products. Add a little extra, to give stressed out hair a nutrient rich boost, apply to finished hair to control “fly aways”, or apply our non greasy formula to your skin to receive all the benefits our Triactive Complex delivers.

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  • Totally

  • We chose this name because it encompasses the nature of this product. IT DOES IT ALL! Blow dry it in or let it air dry, diffuse curly hair, hot tool styling, use it as a hairspray, all while offering exceptional heat protection. Experiment for yourself, and experience the versatility of Totality.

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  • Silk

  • Silk is the best way to describe how your hair will feel after using this product. Blow dry it in, or add some to your hair after styling to control frizz, give hair polish, and achieve a smooth, silky feel without weight. It adds incredible shine and softness to all hair types.

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  • Collection-Finishing

  • Rough: For those that desire control, we got ROUGH, a strong holding, matte finish, power cream paste. It will support your style, all day long and all night strong! Flexy: Our “finishing mousse” can be used many ways; slick back Chic, side part Prep, messed up Rocker. It creates texture, separation, or slickness with a flexible matte finish on shorter styles. Scrunch into longer hair to get that undone, roughed up look.

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