ACINA Niagara started as an idea that evolved from four like minded hairdressers. Living and working in the Niagara region, these four hairdressers have travelled the world gathering information and being educated in their craft, and in talking to their peers, came to the conclusion that all hairdressers notice the same thing…we are in a world of stressed out hair! Colouring, chemical services, and hot tools have wreaked havoc, so they thought it was time to do something about it. Real world performance, quality ingredients, versatility, and a nurturing nature are the fundamentals behind ACINA Niagara hair care.ACINA Niagara Grapeseed Oil

Collectively, with 150 years of experience, these four hairdressers, who are still actively working on clients in the salon, use this time to rigorously test new concepts for product development. As quoted by one of the founders, “Testing on our clients, allows us the opportunity to work with them, learn from them, and create products that support real life needs. We aren’t just making products that look cool or smell nice, we are creating products that perform, nurture, and have the versatility to allow our clients to change their style from day to day.”

The nurturing of Acina Niagara hair care comes from our GSO Triactive complex. This complex is a proprietary blend of locally sourced Grape seed oil (from Niagara’s wine region), Cherry kernel, Pumpkin seed, Coconut, and Jojoba oils. These oils help to protect, strengthen, and heal hair and scalpissues. This, along with our Hydrashine Technology, which is a combination of highly reflective, weightless moisturizers, makes your hair look shiny and healthy without weighing it down.

Rigorously Tested on clients for real life needs.
4 Active hairdressers are founders:

150 plus years of experience.
Locally sourced from NIAGARA WINE COUNTRY

ACINA Niagara

Renaissance Salon
169 Ontario Street
St. Catharines, Ontario
L2R 5K2

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